Nigeria Development Hub For The Digital Growth Of Africa


William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest to Teach Virtual-launch summit: “’ Going Global – Pan-Cultural Intelligence & The Digital Revolution.’ A unique title for a summit that dives into the future of technology with emphasis on the Metaverse, STEAM Education, Blockchain, and Crypto-currency. These influence learning for the future across the African continent.

Selected speakers are some of the best-curated blends of digital African natives and of the African diaspora. Speakers with a passion and strong track record in their respective fields for effecting positive social impacts and change in many areas of technology that are influencing Africa.

​In one of the defining discussions “The Role of the MetaVerse and Its Effects in Africa,” William Jackson, a professor at Florida
State College of Jacksonville.

​The three-day event drew an audience in the range of 10000 to 20000 people across the African continent and the Diaspora
globally. Created by Immanuel Adewunmi, CEO/Founder, Isaac Adams, Chief Technology Officer, Raman Arunsi, Chief Marketing
Officer and William Jackson, M.Ed. STEAM Educator, Content Creator, Podcaster.

The Nigerian Development HUB (NDH) aims to bring together people from within Africa and the Diaspora, creating a confluence
of social skills, perspectives and backgrounds; inspired to think differently regarding the integration of tech in the improvement and advancement of the African continent. Socio-corporate change and its role in sustainable economic development, integration of tech as well as provide projects to take actionable steps towards lasting social change and building sustainable economies.

Across the African continent innovation HUBs are creating opportunities for Africans to collaborate on building digital ecosystems as digital infrastructures are growing to support and encourage the access and use of digital tools and platforms.

There is a growing ecosystem of digital entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, and innovators both men and women that are building Africa on digital platforms. Encouraging knowledge and thought leaders to expand.
There is no stopping how Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Digital Media is changing the way people are using technology in Africa. The inclusion of the Metaverse, Altspace, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality access is growing as the speeds of access to the internet increase in Africa.

The social impact of tech can be seen on digital platforms like Tic Tok, Twitter, Clubhouse, and Instagram, which are dominating the digital airwaves of African nations.

Technology is amplifying the social impacts of development inventions and connecting to global economies. These connections are allowing African people to collaborate on local, national, and continental projects that involve using sustainable energy resources to supply electricity, water, food and other services Africans need.

Nothing can be accomplished alone, networking and collaboration are needed increasingly so individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities can help themselves to make a better life for families.

The increase in technical knowledge helps create careers for the future in the current environment. These new technology careers create shifts in the vision for improvement in everyday life and a brighter future for Africans.

There are positive changes in the gender pay gap, and information, and communications technology skills that allow access for women and girls into digital careers. Girls and women are becoming the fastest business owners on the continent and entrepreneurship has grown tremendously across the continent as well. Africa is a world leader when it comes to female entrepreneurship Profiting from Parity . Business growth and entrepreneurialism show that there is a need for more HUBs like the Nigerian Development HUB to build digital creatives, innovators,
developers and thought leaders.

Africans are better able to compete for national and continental careers especially those that are remote and virtual careers paying high salaries. Communities are only as strong as their families that are impoverished and in need of assistance. The better-impoverished people can be educated, employed, and allowed to grow out of poverty the better communities can become stronger and less dependent on governmental services and even restrictions. Africa is a key environment to show that technology careers in all areas have the ability to change life for millions of people across the continent.

Opportunities like the announcement of Microsoft in Nigeria are encouraging and refreshing.  “I have been informed that the African Development Centre in Nigeria is Microsoft’s first engineering hub in Africa as the current investment
stands at about $200 million.” President Muhammadu Buhari
Increased technology innovation will continue to grow as the digital infrastructure, mindsets, access to wireless technologies and skill levels continue to grow. Education is key for men and women to move Africa into global leadership and influence.

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