“I have never been a crossdresser. I’m a skitmaker” James Brown’s colleague, Tobi The Creator, cries out in the wake of the crossdressibg bill


Tobi The Creator, who features in videos and photos with James Brown, has denied being a crossdresser.


Tobi became popular for wearing female clothes while creating videos and posing in photos alongside James Brown.


Now, with the House of reps members considering a bill to criminalise cross-dressing, except when it’s done for the purpose of entertainment, Tobi has released a disclaimer, stating that he crossdresses only for entertainment purposes.


He wrote: “I am not a crossdresser. I have never been a crossdresser. I am a skitmaker/entertainer and entertainers are not limited to what to wear until now.”


James Brown, who is currently schooling in the UK, reshared Tobi’s disclaimer and mocked him for running.


"I have never been a crossdresser.  I


“So you run?” James Brown asked as he shared Tobi’s post.


"I have never been a crossdresser.  I

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