Ned Nwoko Vs Sowore : An Expedition Gone Sour


For over two decades, the Nigerian media has witnessed the rise of a powerful online media outlet whose specialty was believed to be investigative journalism and anti-corruption. This outlet which was the foremost online news platform took on very daring stories, revealed unbelievable fraud in government circles, and exposed fraudulent characters.

This online outfit which was always the first to break the news is called Sahara Reporters and its promoter, Omoyele Sowore, served Nigerian sensationalized news and no one ever questioned his motives, sources, or methods. He was their darling.

Unfortunately, as his fame grew, so grew his ego and quest for power, which became his Achilles heel. Sowore gradually became a celebrity activist and politician with many controversies surrounding him, from treason to Defamation

This former darling of the Nigerian public has actually been playing the proverbial green snake in green grass, as all his uprightness, freedom fighting, and anti-corruption stance have been exposed as a quick means to satisfy his quest for his greatest needs of wealth and power.

The attention addict, Sowore, has been uncovered as a serial blackmailer and hatchet man via his recent antics.

His demystification probably began with the 2015 election when he is acclaimed to have during the 2014 election, Sowore collected bribes from politicians to rubbish their opponents using his news platform. Sowore’s reportage took a different direction, concentrating on personalities and public offices. Like a shark that has tasted blood, Sowore intensifies his newfound means to power and wealth by going after the rich and famous; blackmailing them, and collecting Chequers behind the scene.

Quick research will make it obvious that Sowore and his outfit Sahara Reporters Foundation is one of the highest sued entities in Nigeria for defamation and libel as well as cyber stalking.

Sowore only picks the rich and influential with little or no time for pursuing justice as targets so he gets paid to end the media spotlighting.

Unfortunately, a man with nothing to hide was all he needed to put a stop to his expedition and it seems he has found his match in Barr. Ned Nwoko who’s a trail of blood he has been following for a while and has stalked him like the predator he is without knowing that in Nwoko he has found a stronger prey.

In his usual manner of harassing and haranguing rich and famous, he has continuously attempted to rubbish the person of Ned Nwoko using his media outfit and social media handles in a very irresponsible manner, calling him names and accusing him of fictitious fraudulent acts which have brought him a legal battle that spells to be his last bus stop, even as Nwoko is not known to engage in futile battles.

On the 24th of February,2022, after several online attacks by Sowore Ned Nwoko decided to put a stop to the jamboree by reporting him to the Nigeria police through his lawyer thus instituting legal action against him.

Prince Ned Nwoko, a man known for his strict principles, has in a follow taken a step many watchers believe might be the last nail to the blackmailer’s coffin by slamming him with a three counts charge.

The charges; Count One: Conspiracy “when you and two others (now at large) conspired with intent to cause annoyance, enmity, hatred, and menace to the character of one Hon. Ned Nwoko conspired amongst yourselves to publish several fake publications about him, an act done pursuant to your agreement”;

He is also charged with cyberstalking “ that you Omoyele Sowore and Sahara Reporters on or about 15th December 2021, in Abuja within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court did commit an illegal act to wit: Cyberstalking when you knowingly and intentionally made false publications against one Hon. Ned Nwoko with intent to cause annoyance, enmity, hatred, and menace to the character by accusing him of Scamming African Monarchs and Leaders with white elephant Projects through fictitious and giant projects he lured them to invest in” It read in part.

The court is also trying him for using his Twitter account to refer Hon. Ned Nwoko “as a criminal in the following words Released from Nigeria Police Force idiotic arrest and detention, They claimed I defamed a criminal, Ned Nwoko, Useless people “

Many now believe that after a successful nearly two-decade-long expedition of blackmail, his end may be near as this time he may have ridden on the tiger’s back to probably end in its stomach.

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