It’s a risk – UN rejects Ukraine request, says there’ll be no winner


The United Nations has insisted that Ukraine’s request for a no-fly zone would escalate the war.

For this reason, the UN said it would not consider the possibility of granting such a request because of the risk of escalating the war and creating a global conflict.

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres said this while responding to reporters on Monday, urging for peace.

He noted that Ukraine was on fire and was being decimated before the eyes of the world, adding that civilians are being affected hugely.

Guterres said that with each passing hour, the situation keeps getting worse and whatever the outcome, “this war will have no winners, only losers.”

Asked about his opinion of a no-fly zone, Guterres was cautious in responding, telling reporters “consider that possibility as a risk of escalation that could create a global conflict.

“It is based on that analysis that I think we need to be prudent, even if I understand the dramatic appeal of the Ukrainian government.”

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