ELFON berates subversive elements working to undermine national security


The Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria (ELFON) says it has identified some subversive elements working to undermine national security by ridiculing the efforts of the Armed Forces of Nigeria in its quest to defend the territorial integrity of the nation.

Speaking at a press conference Monday in Abuja, President of the group, Godstime Samuel said, they have identified a group of selfish Nigerians code-named N36 who have concluded plans to heat up the polity with fake news, invoke rancor amongst security agencies, devalue and destabilize the government of the day by all means possible.

“Following our intelligence gathering, we have noted that members of this cancerous N36 group sometime early last year 2021 constituted two publicity units namely:
Alliance for Justice and Peace, Peace and Conflict resolution initiative saddled with the responsibility of chiefly creating propaganda, negatively redefining policies and efforts of government, using the media to incite Nigerians against the government and inciting security agencies against the other.

“Report has it that the players of the N36 project of doom are hell-bent on decimating the recent successes being achieved by the Nigerian military through tactical intelligence and rapid operations over terrorism and insurgency.

“Intensifying their game of calumny against the Nigerian state and people, the N36 group through their publicity units headed by one Aliyu Bello of a leading opposition political party and one Jude Uchenna, took on the Defence Intelligence Agency, concocting all manners of poorly scripted propaganda against the revered agency which has contributed a lot to the successes achieved in the war against terrorism and insurgency through the provision of credible intelligence for military and civil operations.

The group urged the leadership, officers and men of the Defence Intelligence Agency and indeed the entire Nigerian security agencies to be firm, resolute and focused never to be distracted, detared or discouraged by the calculated antics of these enemies of our National unity because they are aware that if the morale of our country’s security officers and men is dwarfed, the government and country in its entirety can easily be overrun by them.

“We call on all Nigerians to be wary of these agents of destabilization and let it be known to all that their sponsors are the same people fanning the current security situation and are not happy it is gradually coming to an end.

“Unfortunately because they are working hand in glove with the insurgents, rather than support a noble cause, they recruited the likes of Jude Uchenna, Aliyu Bello and others whom chose the ignoble path of self-aggrandizement for a pot of pottage, picking on serious, dedicated and hardworking individuals who have given their all to the unity and security of the country.” He added.

The group called upon Aliyu Bello, Jude Uchenna, members of N36 Group and their co-travellers to change their destructive ways and join well meaning, progressive Nigerians to rid the country of the current scourge rather than being spoilers.

“We commend the Nigerian Armed forces on their commitment in relentlessly tacking the menace of insecurity and defending our democracy so far, urging them to do more.” He added.

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