It is hoped that the All Progressives Congress, which is the ruling party in the State, would get it right again this time by ensuring that it’s decision in choosing a gubernatorial candidate is informed by objective considerations and ingenious political thinking rather than primordial sentiments, sectarian affiliation and crude political intrigues.

Coming to terms with the dynnamics of political reality and strategic planning towards electoral victory, it is essential that the APC leadership in the State should ensure that the most popular, widely accepted, profoundly marketable and well experienced candidate emerges at the party’s governorship primaries coming up on 22nd January, 2022.

The People’s Democratic Party, which is the main opposition party in the State is already getting it’s house together, leaving no stone unturned to dislodge the APC in the ensuing contest. The likes of Chief Segun Oni, a former Governor of Ekiti State are already jostling for the PDP ticket, wanting to stage a comeback to Oke Ayoba Government house. Given the fast- approaching 2023 presidential polls, the PDP in Ekiti and Osun States are not likely to take chances at all in the forthcoming 2022 gubernatorial elections.
They may likely end up taking the most strategic measures in ensuring the emergence of popular candidates with a view to dislodging the APC in the two respective States.

The strategic implication of this to APC in Ekiti and Osun States and the rest of Southwest is that the leadership of the party should not only put it’s house in order through genuine reconciliation, by placating all aggieved factions and also by ensuring a level playing field for all contestants during the party primaries early next year.

In the array of the APC gubernatorial aspirants in Ekiti State, Sen. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (M.O.B) is the most outstanding personality truly deserving worthy of the party’s guber ticket this time around.
Firstly, by next year, Sen. Bamidele would be gunning for the Ekiti State Number One Seat for the third time. He contested for the seat in 2014, and he did same in 2018 after which he became the Director-General of Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organization when JKF was running for a second term in office. In the wake of his emergence as the Chief Stretegist of the JKF campaign, Bamidele was involved in a ghastly shooting incidence that almost claimed his life, but for the favour and benevolence of Almighty God.

Given his penchant for the service of his people in Ekiti State as well as his profound vision to further help in transfoming their living conditions, Bamidele is, once again, throwing his arms in the ring as a well experienced and widely acceptable contender.

Bamidele is not a green horn in Nigerian politics of today. He is not a light-weight gladiator waiting to ride on someone else back in determining his fate for electoral victory.
As a loyal and reliable party man, he is not only prepared to submit to the direction and democratic guidance of the party leadership in the state but he is also ready to join hands with all relevant stakeholders and progressive forces in ensuring that the APC coasts home to victory in the 202 governorship election.

Bamidele’s political pedigree and professional carriage is what is urgently needed for the APC in Ekiti State to defeat any other party’s candidate at the June 18, 2022 guber poll.

Currently the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters and equally the Chairman of the Southern Senators’ Forum, Bamidele is a shining light and trail blaizer in the upper chamber of the 9th National Assembly. He is a Member of the Body of Benchers, Nigeria, a foremost student and youth leader and a prominent human rights activist during the dark heinous days of military dictatorship in Nigeria. He was on several occasions incarcerated and held incommunicado by the successive military junta before travelling to the United States of America on political exiile.

Bamidele has been in the prestigious legal practice over the last three decades. He is a lawyer without border; a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, American Bar Association, New York Bar Association and International Bar Association. He is a Fellow of several professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Chartered Institute of Public Administration and Local Government as well as the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants.
An Award-winning parliamentarian of no mean stature, Bamidele was also a three term member of the prestigious Lagos State cabinet between 2002 and 2011.

He is a thorough- bred progressive politician with consummate energy for grassroots politicking.
Owing to his profound political maturity, his Omoluabi kind of “easy going” attitude and strategic dynamism, Bamidele has carved a niche for himself within the political circle as a reliable and dependable bridge builder between the town and gown, between the old and the new breed of politicians as well as between the leaders and the led.

An astute visionary and well-traveled technocrat himself, Bamidele remarkably has what it takes to sustain the progressive trend and consolidate the good works and giant strides of the Fayemi administration. His credible personality, outstanding professional competence, his great international exposure as well as his superlative political networking skills and affliation across the nation would readily open innumerable doors of favour and goodwill for Ekiti State if he becomes the next Governor of the State.
Ekiti State is ripe for large scale industrialization and is in dire need of an aggressive, vision-driven actualizer whose primary objective is to open up the State for foreign direct investment, mass scale commercial activities and technological innovation through the optimum utilization of the State’s teeming human and material resources.

This calls for the rejuvenation of a new legal regime to provide an enabling environment for private sector-led economic growth accompanied by rapid infrastructural development, agricultural revolution, sustainable peace and security.

Bamidele’s unusual wealth of experience as a seasoned lawyer, foremost federal lawmaker and well- accomplished administrator, .has prepared him over the years for these ensuing tasks of governance in Ekiti State.
What he needs and is presently craving for is the unanimous support of the party leadership, critical stakeholders and all the members and stalwarts of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State to fly the party’s ticket in June next year.

Sentiment apart, given his unmatched political pedigree, his great administrative acumen, his profound preparedness for service, his invaluable Contributions to the enthronement and sustainability of democracy and good governance in Nigeria right from his tender age as a university undergraduate as well as his readiness to deliver the development deliverables to the good people of Ekiti State, Bamidele is obviously the best man to occupy Oke-Ayoba Government house come October 2022 when the next Governor of Ekiti State would be sworn in, all things being equal.

Bamidele’s aspiration is to create a new, united, prosperous, peaceceful and virile Ekiti State where the lofty dreams nurtured by it’s founding fathers and for which they worked so hard for it’s creation almost three decades ago could come to reality.

He is persuaded that the attainment of these laudable goals lies in the enactment of an atmosphere of new understanding, new vision, new determination and a new spirit that requires the genuine integration and enduring input of all stakeholders in the collective rebirth of our dear State.

His Manifesto Booklet, ‘Ekiti Charter of Prosperity’ more than any previous blueprint, emphasizes the need for every citizen of Ekiti to see himself or herself as a moral agent for the urgent rescue and elevation of our dear State from the status of a civil service State to that of an industrialized centre and hub of commercial activities.

Bamidele is seeking to re-invent governance, engender freedom and democratic ethos, create jobs, eradicate poverty, build infrastructure, sustain businesses, secure lives and prosperity, re-enact the essence and value of peaceful co-existence among Ekitikete and restore the lost glories, hope, faith and confidence of our people.
This he pledges to undertake by dedicating his talents, his time, his resources and his unusual wealth of political, legal and administrative experience in ensuring that these lofty goals are realized, to the utmost benefit and prosperity of Ekiti people.

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