Urbanvibes London Stacks up a Partnership with Saskay for 2022 Footwear Campaign


When it comes to affordable and quality footwear, Urbanvibes London has always been leading the charge to revolutionize the fashion industry in Nigeria through accessible, renowned brands known in the US and UK.

With 2022 around the corner, and with so much in store for the fashion industry at large, Urbanvibes London has secured their spot as a brand to look out for with another star-studded collaboration that partners them with Saskay, one of the household names from the latest season of Big Brother Nigeria.

What this partnership entails is both of them working together to deliver magic and quality to the closet of the average Nigerian woman who desires footwear that is not just stylish but durable.

Why did Urbanvibes London select Saskay after a successful venture with other celebrities such as Dorathy, and a few others? Well, Saskay, according to an official press release from the brand, is the perfect embodiment of magic and quality. She exudes elegance and class which is at the forefront of what the brand seeks to represent. With her in their arsenal, they will surely reach a wider audience of women who are ready to take their shoe game to the next level in the new year.


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