Andrew Had No Expectations of 2021 but God Re-Engineered His Life


After a series of unfortunate events in 2020, including losing a reasonable sum of money because I made a bad financial investment, I didn’t have anything to my name. 2021 was the year I started with no expectations; I was literally going into the new year on a clean slate. During the normal crossover service to usher in the new year, I wasn’t excited as I didn’t know what 2021 had in store for me.

At the end of 2020, I got a promotion to move to another city, but I was torn between accepting the offer or remaining at my current position as there was no significant change in my salary. Eventually, I decided to make the change, as I had spent quite a long time in my current position and had fallen into a rut. 2021 started with me dropping out of school, leaving behind all of my dreams and aspirations, family, and all that was familiar. I was looking forward to the next challenge.

I moved to a new city in January, and tried so hard to adjust to my new environment. I got sick and caught COVID-19 in February and it was not a funny experience, especially as I was the chief nose mask and hand sanitizer expert in my office. I had been so careful and followed all the rules, yet this happened. I went to the hospital, but they refused to treat me, saying I was exhibiting all the signs and symptoms. Of course, I didn’t want to be taken to an isolation centre, so I opted for self-isolation. By God’s grace and mercy, I was healed, then came the pressure of work.

The stress was so much that on one occasion, I cried in the office. While still learning the ropes at a new job, I was given a query. I withdrew into my shell.

And then in March, my church started a community group for like-minded people. I registered because I just wanted to be involved and get myself busy. I made some unique friendships that helped me pull through the year.

In 2021, I lost friends and I wasn’t a better version of myself but thank God for the gift of family and friendship that helped me pull through. Ocean by Hillsong, and Jireh by Maverick City and Elevation Worship were some of the songs that helped me through the most trying times of this year. Anytime I was depressed and was almost giving up, these songs anchored me.

Then came this amazing thing in May; I got engaged to the most beautiful girl in the whole world. She calls me champ, and that name makes me want to win.

You know the stress in looking for accommodation in a big city like Lagos, hmmm, I suffer no be small with agents showing me shege. Lagos landlord una well done ooo with una overpriced properties.

The year came with mixed feelings, I wrote some professional exams, failed twice, and got discouraged. But just as David encouraged himself in God, I motivated myself again and this time, I aced the exams and was certified.

Then came June, I was in Kano to see my family. I had booked a flight back to Lagos, only for Max Air to cancel the flight with less than 24 hours notice. I was confused and had to do a road trip to Abuja to catch any available flight since I was billed to resume work the next day. Omo, with the insecurity along that road, I was scared of kidnappers and bandits. Luckily, I reached Abuja safe and in one piece. I almost missed my flight, though. I spent my birthday running at the airport like Usain Bolt to catch my flight.

To cap the year, I got married to my amazing, virtuous and flawless one. The end of the story is that, indeed, God has been good to me despite me entering the year without directions and focus. God re-engineered my life and aligned my path, and now I can boldly say that God crowned the year 2021 with goodness and my path drips with fat.

I can’t wait for what God has in store for me in 2022, and one thing that is sure is that I am not entering 2022 without focus and direction as I did in 2021. I have so much to look forward to.

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