Insurgency: French military commends MNJTF for operational successes


The Director Centre of Advanced Military Studies Paris, Rear Admiral François Polderman has commended the Multinational Joint Task Force MNJTF for the recorded operational successes.
Admiral Polderman gave the commendation when he led a French military delegation comprising of students and the Directing staff from the Centre.
He explained that, they were on tour of Sahel region, because of its strategic importance to the France and their desire to have a peaceful Sahel region adding that the MNJTF presented a perfect model of study.

The team which was received by the Deputy Force Commander MNJTF Brig Gen Abduo Harouna Assoumane on behalf of the FC, highlighted the various kinetic and non-kinetic measures conducted which contributed to operational successes.
Additionally, a detailed brief on the activities of the Force was presented and interactive session to clarify issues were conducted.

Relatedly, as part of capacity building to improve troops’ operational proficiency and readiness, recently, series of trainings and courses for the HQ MNJTF military staff officers and personnel drawn from the 4 sectors were concluded in collaboration with the Centre for Coordination and Liaison (CCL) Operation TURUS, European Union (EU) Direct support and UNITAR. The training focused on Battlefield First Aids, Nautical Unit Trainers and Information Management.

The Battlefield First Aids involved 64 MNJTF troops, who were impacted with the skills and knowledge to help save lives and ultimately reduce the rate of avoidable deaths on the field. While, during the nautical unit training, 60 MNJTF personnel were exposed to acquiring good aquatic skills, operational navigation, Rules of Engagement in nautical environment and requirement of the crew work, among others. All the activities ended on a hitch free note.

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