Leadership is a serious business. In the same vein, Good Leadership or Good Governance is never a tea party affair.
Good Leadership involves the deployment of courage, vision, charisma, compassion, wealth of experience, strength of character, positive passion, transformative statesmanship and creativity in solving human problems.

Ekiti State is still largely a civil service State and is one of States with the lowest Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in Nigeria.

Invariably, the drastic transformation of Ekiti State demands an urgent critical intervention of a leader with clear-cut vision, development agenda, deep focus, clear direction as well as the requisite local and international exposure.

Transforming Ekiti State from its present status of limited opportunities to a hub of industry and commercial activities demands the emergence of a GAME CHANGER on the scene, an outstanding Manager of human and material resources, a seasoned public administrator, an impressive statesman who had proved his mettle in previous assignments at the State and Federal levels; someone whose remarkable courage and commanding zeal is capable of sunmmounting any barrier or obstacle in the course and cause of progress.

Ekiti State, the nation’s fountain of knowledge urgently craves for a People’s leader whose charismatic posture and populist carriage is capable of steering the wheel of progress, a builder of modern cities, a comely personality whose professional and political pedigree could command the respect of Ekiti sons and daughters and also attract foreign investors as well as development partners from any part of the world.

Ekiti State is in dire need of a MORAL CHANGE AGENT, a transformative leader, an excellent bridge builder between the town and gown, a Nan who has his vision written on his chest, a man who runs with a definite mission and an accomplished statesman with good courage and candour.

Given the lofty strides of the Governor Fayemi administration, the restoration of Ekiti value and culture as well as other developmental achievements of the government, it is imperative at this juncture of the State’s trajectory that the State should take a giant leap in the areas of Industrial growth, agricultural revolution, solid mineral exploration and infrastructural development, such that the State would have a space in the global map of development.

Owing to the peculiarities of Ekiti State and its ripeness for large-scale industrialization, we cannot afford to entrust our future in the hands of an impostor, a political neophyte, a Yes Man, a Man Friday, a Stooge or Puppet who does not know what exactly he needs to do and where to even start.

We don’t need a TRIAL and ERROR leader, a leader lacking the requisite vision and experience to lead , a push over or a man without focus and direction. The die is cast already. There is no going back. Ekiti State will never go back to Egypt! To settle for someone of less pedigree to the current Governor is a highway to nowhere. God forbid bad thing!

Sen. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (M.O.B) has got what it takes to transform Ekiti State and make Ekiti State to stand tall among it’s compeers across the nation.

M.O B has got what it takes to turn around our dear State to a Model City State, a hub of industries and dynamo of economic exploits. Bamidele”s wealth of experience in Megacity planning and development as a three -term Member of the prestigious Lagos Cabinet, his extensive legal background, his excellent legislative exploits in 7th and 9th National Assembly, his intercontinental exposure and remarkable networks in the public and private sectors are what is urgently and obviously needed to rebrand, rejig and reconstruct our dear Ekiti State and make it a beautiful bride for all positive comers, the local news foreign investors, tourist visitors, solid mineral explorers, captains of industry, business magnates, commercial banks, commercial farmers, exporters of raw materials and cash crops, high tech innovators, wealth creators, employers of labour, seasoned professionals in all fields of human endeavour, law abiding fellow Nigerians from across the nation as well as the illustrous sons and daughters of Ekiti State in the diaspora.

In an environment where there is no enduring security and stability, development becomes a mirage. In other words, to create an enabling environment that is peaceful, secured, stable, accommodating and virile and to encourage large scale industrialization and massive commercial activities, a new legal regime is imperative.

Interestingly, of all the Governorship hopefuls across the party divide, Bamidele is the sure man with all the required professional skills, legal expertize, legislative acumen, independent-mindedness and political will cum vision to set the ball rolling and progressively rebrand the nation’s fountain of knowledge.

Therefore, as we collectively March Onward for a Brighter and Better Ekiti State, M.O.B is, no doubt, the Captain we must hire to steer the ship of our dear State. With him, we are sure we shall get to our desired El-dorado without much ado. M.O.B is the man the cap fit.

Ekiti people earnestly beckon on Sen. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, a man with strength of character, an epitome of integrity, a symbol of humility and sacrificial leadership, a proven and well accomplished public administrator, a quintessential Federal lawmaker, a lawyer without border, a great man of vision and courage, an exemplary leader with compassionate heart, a man with passion for the welfare of other people, a lover of the masses, a friend of the people, a listening Leader, a Promise Keeper, a fighter for democracy and good governance, a man who almost lost his life for Ekiti State and above all, a MAN WHO HAS THE FEAR OF GOD.

M.O.B is surely the best man for the job. Ekiti people cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity of choosing the best leader of all. Let’s us put the round peg in the round hole.

*M.O.B* *IS* *SURELY* *THE* *ANSWER* !!! *!* !!

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